Monday, October 1, 2007

Another Friend Gets Engaged

Japanese connection: He once dated a Japanese girl, and a half-Japanese girl, but his fiancee is Chinese. (He's of Vietnamese ethnicity.)

"True Love Will Find You in the End," Daniel Johnston:


yukki said...

ともだちのこんやく(engagement)、おめでとうございます。You're younger than I am, and your friends are getting married? Umm... I feel my age.

j.taylor said...

Well, it's only my impulsive friends, who will soon be spending all their money on divorce lawyers.

Catria said...

heh, hey thats not a nice thing to say ^.~..
btw thats a freaky video!

j.taylor said...

You're right about the video. The musician has a cult following. He's a serious bipolar and has spent time in an insane asylum. (Japanese connection, according to Wikipedia: when he was hospitalized he requested that Yoko Ono produce his music!)

Wikipedia also says: His songs are often called "painfully direct," and tend to display a blend of childlike naïveté with darker, "spooky" themes.