Sunday, September 16, 2007

To UVA Students

I see that our sensei has linked to the blog project of a UVA Japanese class. If any UVA students have too much time on their hands and have made it here, I suggest:
--history classes with Megill, Kett, and Zunz
--English classes with Edmundson, Jost, and Tucker
--movies at Newcomb Hall
--more movies at the library
--the used-bookstore on Elliewood Ave., and another downtown
--enjoy the campus
--don't live in Hereford, but in Brown or off-campus after 1st or 2nd year
--don't become alcoholics
--don't worry about your GPA, but try to finish over 3.4
--check out your professors' salaries, which are public information and published somewhere online!


yukki said...

Wow, this is a great list of advice! Have you studied at UVA???

j.taylor said...

Hai, I was a UVA undergrad.

リン said...

Haha, as a バージニア大学のにねんせい, I will take this advice to heart (: (Especially the one about the GPA; ahh, worry, gotta bring it up this semester...) がんばって with your blog!