Wednesday, September 12, 2007


hajime mashite
watashi wa
isha ja arimasen.
25 sai ja arimasen.
kankoku-jin ja arimasen.

dozo yoroshiku.



1. Many years ago my mom suggested that I learn Japanese, when it appeared that everyone would soon be speaking it. The idea was soon forgotten. To her credit, she has not recommended Chinese in recent years.

2. In 9th grade I had a choice, in my history class, of spending a quarter on Japan or China. I chose Japan. I didn't learn anything and have regretted my choice. I had a dream several years ago that would have made a great movie, set during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

3. I never read Hiroshima mon amour, although my French professor assigned it. (But I saw the movie.) Twice I failed to get past the first chapter of William Gibson's Neuromancer, which I believe is set in Tokyo. I did like Blade Runner, with its Tokyo-inspired setting. (Speaking of which.) I liked the documentary Sans Soleil and also prefer cats. I did not enjoy Lost in Translation. I've seen very few Japanese films. Favorites include Nobody Knows, Throne of Blood, and Dead or Alive (Hanzaisha). I've learned that calling someone "hime" is not the quickest way to her heart.


yukki said...


The last note of #3 made me laugh. Yes, calling someone "hime" isn't a good way to go, although I've heard some men call all of their girlfriends "hime" when they date them simultaneously so that they don't mess up with their names.

j.taylor said...

For the record, "hime" was (and is) a friend. Another friend induced me to say it. But "hime" was not amused.

Ken Switzer said...

Hello Taylor-san. My name is Ken, although I'm not in your group I tookj a look at your blog and I noticed that you too are a Blade Runner fan (great title for a movie). I also like Japanese movies. Have you ever seen Sword of Doom (Daibosatsu Toge)?