Monday, October 15, 2007

What Makes a Good Podcast?

Sensei has asked us to post on what makes a good podcast. I've actually never listened to a podcast before. And I don't have an ipod, which I assume is related. Clearly, my idea of a good podcast is one that rants like a cranky old Luddite.

But seriously: A good podcast would be not too boring and not too dumb. I hesitate to suggest more specific criteria until I learn more about podcasts.

But in honor of the Chinese Communist Party's National Congress, which started today, and of my recent readings on the Chinese Cultural Revolution, I further suggest that a good podcast avoids:
-- blind actionism
-- adventurism
-- ultraleftism
-- ultrarightism
-- capitulationism
-- snakes, dragons, and poisonous weeds
-- revisionism
-- waving the red flag to oppose the red flag
-- the Lui-Deng line
-- opposing the principle of being both red and expert
-- opportunist deviations
-- great-power chauvinism


Catria said...

lol.. good one ^^~

yukki said...

LOL!!! (≧ω≦)b (can you see the laughing face? It's a Japanese smiley face)