Wednesday, October 24, 2007


For the first time last night, as far as I know, Japanese class figured in my dream. Conveniently, the NY Times has a story on dreams today, here.

What kind of dream was it? Well, I'll just quote the paper and you can take a guess: "as a host of studies have shown, most of our dreams are bad."

Interestingly, this science-section story features a creative video. But is it a realistic portrayal of dream-work or an imitation of Bunuel-Dali surrealism, or both? My first impression is that it's a fairly predictable imitation on its own merits--but it's transfixing as an illustration to a science story in the NY Times.

So, music: given this intrusion, and my recent, um, study habits, Morissey's "The More You Ignore Me the Closer I Get" seems appropriate (where I am "you" and Japanese is "I"):

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yukki said...

いいうたですね。Very true as far as studying Japanese is concerned...

Was your dream about Japanese class, not in Japanese? Well, if the latter is the case, I'd say congratulations to you. Dreaming in the language you're studying means that you're absorbed in the language ! That's good, isn't it?