Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Contrary to what was said in class today, NYのちかてつはべんりじゃありません。 It is an unpredictable hellhole. (Upcoming dilemma: will it drive me to Murray Hill, or will I bite the bullet and live elsewhere?)

とうきょうのちかてつはすてきです--if you're short. I thought Paris, DC, Rome, and Vienna were ok; London and Prague were adventures. Brussels, Lille, and Seoul were pretty good. I still think that riding a subway is like being in a sci-fi movie--the subway is a marvel of human ingenuity, but more dystopian than not.

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yukki said...

NYのちかてつは、べんりじゃありませんか。If you thought so, you should have said it in class!

I sort of agree with you because I have to go down quite far to go to the east side of Manhattan... but I like the fact that it costs only $2. にほんのちかてつは、あまりやすくありません。

BTW, you seem to have traveled a lot!